How to Use
the Awoof App

Awoof Giveaways.

The Awoof app is a giveaway platform, and houses 2 categories of giveaways;

  1. Regular giveaways. 
  1. Star Giveaways: 

Creating a giveaway on Awoof

To create a giveaway on Awoof, you must first be a user: Download and sign-up onto the App. Afterwards;

● Open the AwoofApp

● Tap on the ‘Post’ tab, or tap on the ‘Bless others’ button, at the bottom of the ‘Home’ screen

● Tap on the ‘Cash Giveaway’ button

● Fill in the required information (you may also choose whether to give anonymously by tapping the ‘Anonymous Mode’ switch, which is set on ‘No, by default);

● Tap ‘Continue’

● Tap ‘Continue’

● Confirm the details of your giveaway are what you intended

● Tap ‘Proceed’

● Confirm the details of your giveaway, one more time

● Tap ‘Continue to Payment’

● Choose your funding option

● Tap ‘Pay Securely’

● Follow the instructions accompanying your chosen payment option.

A prompt that your giveaway is successful will appear, and you’re done!

Entering a giveaway

To enter a giveaway on Awoof, you must first be a user: Download and sign-up onto the App; Asides from the App’s ‘New Giveaway’ notification, which informs you about a newly posted giveaway; available giveaways can be found on the ‘Giveaways’ tab or the ‘All Giveaways’ section of the ‘Home’ tab. To enter a giveaway on Awoof;

● Find available giveaways, by browsing the ‘Giveaways’ tab or browsing the ‘All Giveaways’ section of the ‘Home’ tab;

● Tap on desired giveaways, to see the details of the giveaway;

● Tap ‘Enter Giveaway’ to fulfil the conditions attached, simple tap on the condition and you’ll be redirected through the in-app browser, to do the task

● After all the giveaway conditions have been fulfilled, tap ‘Submit response’

A prompt that your submission is successful will appear, and you can then return to browse other giveaways or proceed to host one of your own.

Keeping an eye on giveaways participated in

In a situation where a giveaway’s runtime doesn’t expire soon, and you wish to keep an eye on it while awaiting the App’s ‘giveaway ended’ notification.

● Go to the ‘Profile’ tab of the App

● Tap on the ‘My Giveaways’ menu of the tab

● Go to the ‘Giveaways entered’ section of the menu

You will see a list of all the giveaways you’ve participated in and their details.

How winners are selected

The Awoof App incorporates leading-edge randomisation technology. Our algorithm is conditioned to identify only participants who have completely fulfilled the conditions attached to the giveaway: Participants who submit an entry, without doing all the attached conditions, are automatically omitted by the algorithm when the selection of winners is underway.

● When a giveaway is posted, the app registers only participants who have fulfilled all the attached conditions, through the period that the giveaway is set to run;

● When the giveaway expires, the app randomly chooses, from amongst the qualified winners, the number of winners specified by the host of the giveaway;

These winners are established when the winners-list is published, to mark the end of the giveaway.

Knowing if you won a giveaway

When a giveaway ends, the App sends off a ‘giveaway ended’ notification, and you can simply peek into your ‘Giveaways entered’ menu, to find out if the just-ended giveaway, is any of the ones you have entered. (this will be indicated by the words ‘expired’, which replaces the giveaway-runtime information)

If any is, 

● Tap on the giveaway;

● Tap on ‘View Winners-list’;

You will see a list of Awoof Users who won in the concerned giveaway; who were randomly chosen by the App’s leading-edge randomisation algorithm, having successfully fulfilled all conditions;

If your name appears, then your winnings have been credited to your ‘Awoof Pay’.


● All giveaways hosted on the Awoof app are based on the Nigerian Naira (NGN)

● The amount shown on giveaway cards is an aggregate value, which will be split equally across the associated number of winners in the giveaway, to determine the winnings per winner.

● When a giveaway expires with no winners, the funds are retained by the system. To ensure you will have winners, we strongly advise against hosting a giveaway using periods that are too short for people to participate; an ideal period is 1hr and above.

● Failing to fulfil any condition, before submitting an entry to a giveaway, will make your entry a null-variable, to the App’s algorithm.

● There will be no caution issued to the users who violate the Awoof App Zero-Advantage fair-play policy, punitive measures will be meted accordingly, however a user may appeal by sending a mail to